Last Man, Jon Inouye, 1976

Overpopulation is solved by the systematic extermination of women and heterosexual men. Three hundred years later, a male homosexual culture has colonized the entire solar system, even, somehow, the sun. Reproduction is achieved through cloning and splitting a single “parent” consciousness through several bodies. In eliminating binary gender and heterosexuality, the culture also retires the term “man” and “mankind,” substituting “personkind” exclusively.

The last “man” on Earth, a heterosexual specimen of the old race, is kept alive through longevity drugs and stored in a museum . Inexplicably, he wakes and escapes, screaming homosexual epithets and crushing the skulls of “the weak.” He flees to the mountains, convinced that heterosexual men and women must have survived in isolation. When he finds them, they have reverted to a primitive lifestyle and immediately attack him. Dejected, he returns to the “personkinders,” his fate uncertain.

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