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Gendercide is a neologism that refers to the systematic killing of members of a specific sex, either males or females.

In science fiction, the term is associated with the death of all or most of one sex.

Partial Bibliography of Gendercide Titles

Gleaned from FeministSF

Tiptree, James, Jr.
Houston, Houston, Do You Read? (1976)

Gardner, Thomas S.
"The Last Woman."
Wonder Stories (April 1932)

Keene, Day (pseud. for Gunard Hjerstedt, 1903-1969) and Leonard Pruyn
World Without Women (1960)

Draulans, Dirk
The Red Queen: A Novel of the War Between the Sexes (1997)

Ellison, Harlan
"World of Women"
Fantastic Science Fiction (February, 1957)

Young, F. E.
The War of the Sexes (1905)

Russ, Joanna
The Female Man (1975)

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